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Art With Celeste

For a number of years after working in the field of Recreation Therapy with clients in nursing homes and assisted living centers, I founded a program called: Art With Celeste.  Influenced by my music therapy background I incorporated music and art together with the intention of creating a calm and relaxing environment. My students enjoyed working with various water based media and papers. These art classes proved to be therapeutic for the students. Benefits included relaxation and stress reduction as well as expression of each person’s individual style found in the creative process of drawing, painting or contributing to a group collage.

Art with Celeste - Group Collage
Watercolor Classes

Teaching Availability

Currently, I no longer have my Art With Celeste business but continue to engage in opportunities to share the joys of art making with students. In my traditional watercolor classes, I include watercolor techniques such as washes and glazing and provide knowledge of paper and brushes useful for watercolor. I am available for classes and provide personal attention to each student.

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